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MARKETCOMEDY.COM is your mentor, helping you navigate the new economy.

Gain knowledge of the new management tools needed for this changing economy. In 2010, we had the first “P” with 12 focused activities and for 2011, the second “P” will focus on your “PERSONAL  GOAL”: each month we will review a new set of drivers!

We are here to help you apply the knowledge of experience with the understanding of today! Using humor, our focus is on the business world, on the strategic decisions, new products, marketing campaigns, tactics…and how
APPLIED KNOWLEDGE can change everything! These days we have access to precise real-time information, global communications, and continuous data points, BUT it really does not mean that trends are better understood or that we succeed.

Instant analysis is like instant coffee, it's fast, but not quite rich enough!
Frozen dinners are nice, they're fast too, but not tasty like 4-star cuisine!

MARKETCOMEDY.COM will show you how to save money, help you discover new and easy ways to help people love you and your business. We remind you of proven techniques and introduce secrets that you will love to apply. We go beyond today’s 20 seconds news clips and expand your horizon because we see unlimited opportunities. After one month, you will become more aware of the world around you, laugh once or twice, expand your knowledge, and help you apply the newly gained knowledge to get results. Come join our family now!


MARKET (mär'kit) - Let’s look at what we mean by Market. The “market” in the broader sense is “ a social arrangement that allows buyers and sellers to discover information and carry out a voluntary exchange of goods & services”. It is not just the stock market, a street market, a fish market, a flea market or a virtual market like eBay. Without discussion of political ideologies, the market is the foundation of an economy, from free market to monopoly, to market influenced by government, politics, taxes, subsidies or some controls. In general, markets are regulated by rules, laws and some regulations.

COMEDY (kôm'édee) - We will talk about using humor with the intent to entertain and laugh. We will rely on the most popular meaning of comedy: we want to deliver a form of entertainment, amusement, a feeling of amusement. We may use irony, satire, parody, may be caustic or use sarcasm to explain absurdity, or incongruous situations, but always in good humor with a witty comment (jeu d’esprit) or a clever remark (bon mot). Some representation may be exaggerated for comic relief and that will be to make a point. (It must be obvious by now that we will not talk about “humor” as a body fluid!!!) “Laugh”.

MARKETCOMEDY.COM will first make you laugh at us, and then the world around us! And the byproduct may be knowledge! Look for our easy to find key word "APPLIED KNOWLEDGE" sections in our monthly editions.

Our team can speak many languages but editions will remain in English at this point. Proper APPLIED KNOWLEDGE can be rewarding, brilliant, fantastique, maravilloso, wunderbar, csodálatos, suurepärane, ihmeellinen...